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The Three Chapels

Longitud Desnivel Duración Apto Señalización
7,5 km desde Muniain de Guesalaz 336 m 2h a pie  

A walking tour to three beautiful Chapels in the Guesalaz Valley in Muniain de Guesalaz.

A circular trail, that is of low difficulty to be done on foot, begins and finishes in the village of Muniain de Guesalaz.  With an elevation of 336 metres.

  • The trail travels to three Chapels (Santa Cruz, Santa Lucia y Virgen de la O – the Chapels: The Holy Cross, Saint Lucy and the Virgin of Hope) from the seventeenth century. 
  • You can enjoy a nice view from the summit of Sarbil (1.138 metres).  This trail includes two linear variants, that the hiker can choose to take, giving access to points of interest close to the main trail.The entire tour (including the linear branches) totals 7.047 kilometres.
  • Starting from the village we take the path towards the mountains known as “Camino de Sarbil” the way of Sarbil, which soon forks.  The path crosses field and some beautiful forests of holm oaks, oaks and boxwoods; climbing towards the mountains we reach the Itxesorde hill.
    This route can be done in two directions, including the possibility of lineal routes, if you only want to visit the points of interest in two days the tour can be adapted to the like and physical capacity of the tourists.
The Three Chapels

Complete description of the route

 The trail allows us to visit three Chapels. 

  • It is a circular trail with two branches that lead us to various points of interest that are optional to the tour.  The complete tour, including the points of interest totals 7.50 kilometres.  The trail starts from the Muniáin de Guesálaz village, next to the church there is a park, which is where the information panel about the route is located.  Go down the village road until you reach a path on the left (marked with signs) next to the waterhole (on the same curve of the road).
  • From here you can see the cemetery.  We continue along the road until we reach the cemetery (at the fork, take the trail to the right).
  • At this point there is an arrow indicating all possible directions.  We take the trail that climbs to the left; the trail goes into the woods until we reach the top, where you can see a metal gate for the cattle.  We leave the gate to the left, without going through it, and continue amongst boxwood and beech trees until we reach a crossroad that has an arrow that indicates there is a path to the left.  This path leads to one of the points of interest, to coincide with the “Gran Recorrido 220 Vuelta a la Cuenca de Pamplona” the great tour 220 tour of the Basin of Pamplona.  At this point, on a clear day there are splendid views of the entire basin of Pamplona, the Arga River, Erreniaga, Trinidad de Iturgoyen, Izaga, Higa de Monreal, the mountains in the Estella region, Espáratz and the Pyrenees.
  • Retracing our path, after visiting the “Cabezón-Alto Etxauri” the Highest point of Etxauri and the chapel, we continue by returning back to the main path, descending between rocks until we reach the Chapel (a crossroad marked with a post indicated by arrows), passing to the right the “La ermita de Santa Lucía” the Chapel of Saint Lucy and a wide path with a metal gate through which we will return.
  • To the left we climb up another path from the curve in the road.  We avoid the path and continue straight ahead, for the upper part, flat, avoiding all crossroads until we reach the “La ermita de la Virgin de la O” the Chapel of the Virgen of Hope (also known as the the “Ermita de la Virgen Blanca” the Chapel of the White Virgen).
  • The section from the route 220 tour of the Pamplona basin.  Our trail ends at the Chapel but the big route continues.
  • Retracing this stretch back to the main trail, next to the Chapel of Saint Lucy. Following the direction indicated by the arrow towards Munian, the trail crosses the metal gate on the left, next to the Chapel and continues straight along a wide path amongst trees.  Within a few metres, grassland and scrubs begin to dominate and the cemetery and the village of Muniáin can be seen from above.  The path descends to the cemetery, where you can find arrows indicating Muniain, the town where we started out journey.


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