Al abrigo de la Sierra Urbasa-Andía

Turismo Rural Navarra · Tierras de Iranzu
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The Crags of Azanza

Longitud Desnivel Duración Apto Señalización
15,4km 450m 3h:30m A pie, en bicicleta o a caballo PR NA - 181

A beautiful and long walk down very steep slopes and due to the geographical location has splendid views.

  • The tour begins at the pools of Abárzuza, located on the left side of the road leading to the Monastery of Iranzu, a must-see in the Estella region.  Near the starting point there is a small parking lot.  The tour is in the shape of a racquet.
  • Two kilometres from the start is the “Encina de Erául” the holm oak of Erául, (a natural monument).  The way progressively climbs gently into a magnificent oak forest.  When the climb becomes more difficult we can see on the horizon the crags that are given to the name of this tour, “Peñas de Azanza” the crags of Azanza also known as “Peñas de Echávarri” the crags of Echávarri.
  • We continue down the track and reach the plains of Mendiruliso, the place with the highest altitude on this trail, from which we can see beautiful views of the Urbasa and Andía mountain range.  From the plains of Mendiruliso we begin our descent through beech and holm oaks that complete the beautiful scenery that will accompany us to the village of Abárzuza.

Complete description of the route

Kilometre 0

The tour begins in the village of Abárzuza, in the plaza of the Town Hall.  We pass through an arch next to the Church and after reaching the road to Estella, we follow it in that direction 336 metres, until we take a concrete track to the right that will lead us to Eraul.  We have farms and field crops on both sides.
Kilometre 2.422

After a steep slope to the left we arrive at the holm oak of Eraul, a natural monument, and on the right a small hill you can see “la Ermita de San Pedro” the Chapel of Saint Peter.  Panoramic views of Eraul.  Shortly after the Chapel, we take the dirt path that will lead us to the new cemeteries; the old cemeteries are on our left and to the right of the path respectively.
Kilometre 3.043

We ignore the path that emerges from the left.  Following the main trail that rises to the right, after passing a gate, you will reach a water deposit, in a place where cattle graze freely and for this reason the area is rather deteriorated.
Kilometre 3.307

Leaving the water deposit to the left, the trail gently climbs, leaving the waterhole to your right, of which one is fenced.  Gradually the trail enters into a magnificent oak forest.  Continuing straight ahead ignoring twice the trails coming from the right, a trough for the cattle to the left, we continue straight gazing at the “Peñas de Azanza” the Crags of Azanza.
Kilometre 5.297

The trail flattens and then climbs with a barbed wire fence to the right.  Abárzuza Preserve.  We cross the gate in front of us.
Kilometre 5.412

Shortly after to the left and right there are two gates that we ignore.  There is gentle descent.
Kilometre 5.763

During this descent we ignore the path that emerges from the right behind the fence.
Kilometre 6.530

Further down the trail to the right and gate (at this point X we return back down to Abárzuza), we continue straight ahead climbing little by little entering the beech grove and some areas with reforestation of pine trees to the left.
Kilometre 7.090

We ignore the trails that come from the left, also ignoring the metal gate and trail to our right; and we continue straight ahead.  Again we ignoring another path that emerges from the left; and we continue straight ahead.
Kilometre 7.963

On the left there is a trough in disrepair and reforestation of pine trees.  Further ahead there is a barbed wire fence to the right and a farmyard and car park for the hunters.  We ignore the trail that emerges upwards from the left; and we continue straight on the main trail.
Kilometre 8.9

We arrive at a plain, flat where we have good views of Urbasa and Andía.
Kilometre 11.270

We retrace our steps to the point marked X, which after passing through a gate descend by the trail which is in good condition until Abárzuza.
Kilometre 12.040

We ignore the trail to our right; and continue straight ahead.  A little further ahead we ignore the trail rising from our left.  There is a hidden watering hole on the right.  We ignore the trails on both the right and left.  We continue descending between oak and beech trees until we arrive at the holm oak.
Kilometre 13.892

We turn to the left going through the metal gate, and amongst field crops and a stream to the right and the trail takes us to Abárzuza.
Kilometre 15.420

Arrival at Abárzuza.  End of tour.

Turismo rural en Navarra · Tierras de Iranzu