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Guided tour of the Aldia cheese factory

Visitas guiadas a la Quesería Aldaia
Quesería Aldaia (Cheese factory Aldaia)

This is a doubly attractive tour where you get to see both the original “txabola” (cabin) in the mountain range of Andia, where the pastor lived half of the year, making cheese in the traditional way and the new cheese factory in Lezaun.  Depending on the day, cheese degustation or lunches (the Shepherd’s menu) are available.  On Sunday the tour is offered with a degustation shepherd’s menu.

Reception at the bus stop of the village, guided tour of the farm, cheese factory and shepherd´s hut in the Andía mountain range.

  • A description of the surroundings, flora and fauna, wonderful beech woodland.  A guided tour of the shepherd´s hut, exhibition of the tools and old gadgets used for cheese making.
  • Visit the stables or the sheep farm, with milking classes.
  • Listen to the story of the shepherd´s life in the Andía mountain range.
  • Cheese tasting; natural and smoked cheese, “Gazta zarra” creamed cheese, lamb chorizo, bread, wine

Shepherd’s menu:
“Migas de pastor” (Shepherd’s bread crumbs), mixed salad, “calderete” (beef stew), “cuajada” (curds) and different types of cheese, all accompanied with wine, cider, bread, water and “pacharán” (sloe berry liquor)
Visit the modern cheese factory in Lezaun, with an explanation of the cheese elaboration process.  Sale of Idizabal cheeses.

Quesería Aldaia en Sierra de Andía

Location:  Serra de Andía y Lezaun (the mountain range of Andía and Lezaun)
Departure point:  Lezaun bus stop
Price:  €6 adults and €3 children with cheese degustation, €23 adults and €12,50 children with lunch
Contact:  Mirentxu and Imanol San Martin
Telephone:  948 542 273 / 619 077 580
Dates of the tour:  Everyday of the year, at 12:30 pm cheese degustation and meal (Shepherd’s menu).

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