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Paintball Haritzalotz en Zurucuain (Paintball Haritzalotz in Zurucuain)

Paintball en Zurukoain

Paintball is a team sport that combines exercise, nature and entertainment... where you can relieve stress and have an adrenaline rush.

  • Two or more teams face each other with a view to eliminate members from the other team. 
  • Discover the new sport of the millennium that has the biggest boom worldwide.
  • The only thing left to do is to encourage you to get together a group and to try this sport at our facilities.  The group could be friends, a hens or bucks night, a birthday, a company event...  any excuse is a good one to play Paintball.
  • Eight is the minimum number of people, and the maximum is up to you.  If you are less than eight, please inquire: we have special days for you to enjoy playing Paintball in the natural environment of olive trees.
Paint ball

Place: Zurucuain
Dates: Everyday
Group: Mínimun 8 people
Teléphones: 948 5410 67 - 629 844 607

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