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Guided Tour of the romanesque of the church"Santa Maria de Eguiarte"

Iglesia de Eguiarte

This is a beautiful Romanesque church belonging to the valley of Yerri. It stands half-way between Lácar and Alloz. The majestic steep profile of its wall of Urbasa-Andía limestone marks out the surrounding landscape, tinged with cereal fields and hills. It is a mysterious, enigmatic, magical structure... The access to it along an asphalted road and the buildings that surround it mean that you cannot really see it until you reach the portico, increase the appeal of this historical monument that has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest

 Indeed, the portico is the first thing that draws your attention. Round arches, wooden beams and rectangular columns are built over an old cemetery covered this stone slabs. Sit down and let the wind whisper the secrets of the place while distant church bells ring out or birds chirp away overhead. See the differences between the original Romanesque construction and the baroque extens  

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Guided tour of the Romanesque church" Santa Maria de Eguiarte"


  • Place: entre Lacar y alloz (a 8 km de la A-12)
  • Price: 2€  . Con gastronomía 5€
  • Contact: Charo Apesteguía
  • Dates: Todos los días, con reserva 
  • Teléphone: 948 536 318 - 646 185 264
  • Mail:

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