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Granja Escuela Basabere (Basabere Farm School)

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Granja Escuela Basabere  (BasabereFarmSchool)

On this tour you can enjoy a unique experience in the heart of nature.  Enjoy the beautiful village of Leazaun, feel part of nature by visiting our farm animals, seeing the wild animals in the Rescue Centre, and our ecological vegetable garden.  You can also attend different workshops on sustainability, respect of the environment and recycling.

Visiting areas:

  You can see different ducks, geese, swans and turtle breeds
Birds of prey:  Different birds of prey, with a demonstration interacting with the visitors
Reception:  This multi use building, is where the welcome speech takes place, different videos are shown and workshops and activities are carried out
Vegetable garden The ecological vegetable garden, is divided in four parts, cereal, vegetables, green house and medicinal plants, here different activities are carried out
Farm:  The stable is where the domestic animals can be seen, and where different activities are carried out
Henhouse:  where you can participate in traditional poultry farming
Granary:  this small construction is built to accommodate different animal feed, cereals and animal fodder used to feed the animals
Wildlife Park:  it is here that Basabere stands out and is different to other Farm Schools; the activities are with wild animals
Play area:  There is also planned a free playing area, where the youngest can enjoy the swings, flying fox and rock climbing installations


Address:  Crta Azcona s/n. LEZAUN
Teléphone: 677157605 / 666136700 / 948 542 076  
Price: desde 5€

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