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Bodega Asador Lezaun (Lezaun winery and grill-restaurant)

Visita a Bodegas Asador Lezaun

Stroll through the vineyard on the horse trail

Visit the vineyard on the horse trail, accompanied by one of the wine growers.  Savour the wine tasting of 2 ecological wines in the vineyard.
Enjoy the eco-experience in the Iranzu region!

Paseos en carreta por los viñedos

  • Place Lacar
  • Price: 10€ persona, niños 5€
  • Duration: 1h:30 minutos
  • Group: Minimum 6 people, maximum 10 people
  • Contact: Edorta Lezaun
  • Teléphone: 948 541 339

Visit the winery with a glass of wine in your hand.

This tour will make you feel unique enjoying a stroll in an alternative way.
Price: 3€
Days:Todos los días
Location: Lácar
Contact: 948 541339

Guided tour with degustation menu

Visit the different areas of the winery with lunch or dinner; the degustation menu is elaborated with ecological food.
This offer is available all year.
The menu changes according to the season.

  • Place:Lacar
  • Days: Todos los días
  • Price: 36.50 €+IVA
  • Duration: 2h:30 minutos
  • Contact:  Marian Etxalar
  • Teléphone: 948 541 231 - 948 541 339

Guided visit with a wine tasting session.

Enjoy a guided tour with an introduction to wine tasting.  Savour a wine tasting session with the oenologist of the winery, tasting 5 ecological wines.

  • Place: Lacar
  • Price: 7€ persona
  • Duration:1h:30 minutos
  • Group: Mínimum 8 personas, máximum 20
  • Contact:Edorta Lezaun
  • Teléphone948 541 339

Turismo rural en Navarra · Tierras de Iranzu