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Bar Restaurante Legarcia (Abárzuza) / Legarcia Bar-Restaurant (Abárzuza)

Bar Restaurante Legarzia

Legarzia Bar-Restaurant is located in the heart of the village of Abárzuza, near the Irantzu Monastery and the Dulanz and Irantzu River canyon nature trails.

  • It offers a high quality traditional cuisine based on excellent raw materials, the majority from the region itself, with careful and considerate preparation.  We specialize in brunches“Cazuelícas” (a meal cooked and served in terracotta Spanish cooking dish), sandwiches and “Platos combinados” (mixed grill platters).
  • The specialities of the house are:
  • “Ajoarriero” (A dish of cod with tomato, peppers and garlic)
  • Stuffed squid in its ink
  • Assorted meats
  • Homemade desserts, “Goxua” (cold dessert made of sweet cream, soaked cake and creamy custard with burnt sugar on the top), Rice pudding and Tiramisu.

We have a large dining room, terrace with outdoor seating and a bar.
 With quality culinary offerings, a friendly atmosphere and service it makes Legarzia Restaurant a good place for groups, family celebrations etc.
The restaurant can accommodate up to 60 people
Daily menu:  €10
Weekend menu  

Comedor Bar Restaurante Legarzia

Access: Se llega a  Bar Restaurante Legarcia, desde Estella carretera Abárzuza 
Street: Legarzia nº 13
Contact: Mª Jose y Soledad
TLF: (0034) 620 553 086; 627 533 673

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Bar Legarcia Fachada Bar Legarcia Porche terraza Bar Restaurante Legarcia Bar Restaurante Legarcia Restaurante Legarcia

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