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Pastas Artesanas Manchingo (Manchingo homemade pastries)

Homemade pastries “Pastas Manchingo” is a family establishment founded in 1976 with the clear aim to offer a handmade product with its own personality.
Every day the ingredients are kneaded and baked to offer freshly baked products to their customers.

Rosquillas Manchingo

The factory of homemade pastries “Pastas Manchingo” is situated on the river Ubagua, which passes under the old water mill that represents the factory of “Pastas Manchingo” today.
“Pastas Manchingo” offers a high quality handmade products such as their “rosquillas” (Spanish doughnuts), prepared using the traditional method with 100% natural products.
This product nationally is distributed.

Addess; C/ El Molino Riezu
Contact: Maribel Goñi
Teléphone;948 542235
Fax: 948 542235

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