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Restaurante Le Naturel. Bodegas Aroa. Le Naturel Restaurant

Bodegas Aroa Restaurante Le Naturel (Le Naturel Restaurant)
  • Aroa amongst the Grenache vines, is an area is designed by the winery “Bodegas Aroa” for catering and wine tourism.  It is privileged to be found nestled in the south-east side of the Apalaz Mountain, between the towns of Zurukuain and Grocin and at the western edge of the Deierri Valley.  The history of wine creation in this region has origins that date back to between the 1st and 5th centuries.
  • The winery is found buried in the ground, in the middle of the vineyards and on top of it, a large picture window dominating the landscape, lifting up the wine tourism and catering “Aroa entre Garnatxas” (Aroa amongst the Grenache vines).

From the conservatory you can see half of Navarre

Aroa Bodegas

The winery “Bodegas Aroa” is in the middle of nature and you can enjoy and share exclusive experiences such as the vineyards, nature walks, gastronomy, landscapes and culture in a unique enclave wine tasting location.

  • The restaurant caters for 80 diners, based on local produce, with careful and expert preparation.Guided tours are offered with a degustation menu.
    Activities and services are offered with an element of surprise, the discovery and satisfaction to all who visit.

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